Becky White

The Voicing Expert

Audiobook Narrator

Warm, Intelligent, Firm

What Becky Sounds Like

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Who is Becky?

Becky has a Lauren Bacall voice: intelligent, warm & firm... and she loves to read.

She wants to bring your book to life.

Her clear, authoritative voice works well for non-fiction narrations.

About Becky's Studio

Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone

Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Audio Interface

JBL Monitors

Reaper 2018 and Izotope Rx6 Standard

Thinkpad Laptop

Sound treated to -60 db

What Becky Has Done

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Experience & Achievements

What Others Say

"Becky White did a fantastic job bringing my history of women in computing to life. Although my book wasn't written with the audiobook community in mind, she ensured that every sentence was spoken as though it were written to be read aloud. Her clear and approachable narration made the book a joy to listen to."

Dr. Marie Hicks, Author: “Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing”

"If I were to write a cozy mystery, THAT is the voice I need for the audiobook. Niiiice!"

Dalan Decker, Audible Reviewer: “Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick: A Caper Story”

"So fun working with Becky White the narrator!"

Marie F. Martin, Author: “Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick: A Caper Story”

"Becky White is simply outstanding! Excellent communicator! She cares about her clients! Awesome experience! Thank you!"

Dr. Linda Lou Murray, Author: “Stop Being the Apple that Fell from the Tree: Instead, Exceed the Tree”

"Becky narrated a short story I wrote. She took the time to learn how to pronounce unfamiliar Indian names. I really appreciate her persistence and professionalism."

Jyotsna Sreenivasan, Author: “House of Secrets: Every Room Holds a Story”

"Becky White is an outstanding producer. I decided to narrate my story as an audiobook. I’m 80 and have never done anything remotely related to narrating an audio book. Becky gave me great advice, initial training, and worked with me as I recorded chapter after chapter. She was always available and helpful when I had questions or issues came up. I was ...thrilled at the overall quality of the recording. I’ve received positive feedback from people who purchased my audiobook."

Gerhard Marocher, Author: “Why Can't Somebody Just Die Around Here: A story of war, deprivations, courage, perseverance, and triumph”

Contact Becky

Becky White

7652 Sawmill Road #225

Dublin OH 43016-9296

Mobile Phone: 614-746-7467

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