Professional Voice Over Artist

Becky White

The Voicing Expert

Dr. Martha Duersten Pettit, PhD, voice coach

Becky White has one of those rare contralto voices with a warm, mellifluous tone, like butterscotch.  Her voice speaks with authority and is convincing and comforting.

Ron Allan, BIG VOICE Productions, LLC

Need to tell your stories, explain your products or services, and connect with your customers? Then you need the voice of Becky White. Becky has a unique, resonant, professional and authoritative quality to her voice that will get your listener's attention and hold it. She has the maturity for any industrial, business, medical or technical V/O project...and big words don't scare her!  Rebecca's high quality work ethic won't let her compromise anything about your project, meaning she'll do-it-until-it's right-according-to-you. Get the voice of Becky White and get results!