Becky White

The Voicing Expert

Audiobook Narrator

Professional, Convincing, Comforting... and not afraid of Big Words!

What Becky Sounds Like

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Who is Becky?

Becky has had three successful and rewarding careers in health care services, insurance and financial services. After she sold her financial planning business, her husband told her that she could not sit around the house twiddling her fingers and thinking of things for him to do. So, she turned her love of reading and listening to books into her fourth career/business as a narrator of audiobooks and other long forms.

Becky’s voice has been described as warm, professional, convincing, authoritative and comforting.

Outside of the studio, Becky is active in her church. She also enjoys gardening, cooking and entertaining.

About Becky's Studio

Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone

FocusRite Scarlette 2i2 Audio


JBL Monitors

Adobe Audition CC 2017

Asus Laptop


What's Next?

Becky is curently working on Programmed Inequality by Marie Hicks PhD

What Becky Has Done

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What Others Say

"Rebecca White successfully oscillates from storyteller to poetry reader which requires cadence and emphasis on lyrical passages with her voice. A pleasant audio experience!"

Amazon Reviewer, From “The Sin of Greed”

"Becky has a warm, conversational voice that is easy to follow."

Author: J.B. Marwood, From “Quantitative Value Investing”

"Becky White has a great voice!"

Margy Baumann, University Press Audiobooks, From “The Dead Sea and the Jordan River”

"Great pacing and voicing!"

Garret Von Gotten, Vango Studio, From “Pacem In Terris”

Contact Becky

Becky White

Mobile Phone: 614-746-7467

Based in Dublin, Ohio

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